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Cooper Residence listed in the 50 Greatest Hotel Suites in the World 2024 by Robb Report

January 12 2024

This month it was a true honour for the Cooper Residence at the Landing to be recognised as one of the 50 Greatest Hotel Suites in the World 2024 (first in Oceania) by a renowned luxury arbiter: Robb Report.

The magazine annually compiles a select list of 50 hotel suites around the world that transcend luxury or expense to achieve genuine greatness. “This new list is no different: It intends to offer an opinionated, informed, and incisive guide to the best suites—from penthouses to train carriages—available now throughout the world. If you want to travel, and demand only the best, these are the 50 rooms you should insist on.”, said Mark Ellwood and Christopher Cameron , Robb Report’s editors.

We were especially honoured that Mark and Christopher recognised what The Landing represents in New Zealand history, and that he acknowledged that Oceania offers some of the best hotels in the world and many of its best suites.

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