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Our Future

As kaitiaki (caretakers) of 1000 acres of Aotearoa New Zealand’s incredible natural coastal landscape, which is home to unique native bird and animal life, as well as sites of cultural significance, we are committed to minimising our greenhouse gas emissions. These natural and cultural taonga (treasures) are put at risk by the potential effects of climate change, such as significant sea level rise, flooding and bushfires and severe weather events. For this reason, as well as duty to the overall wellbeing of the planet, we have embarked on a programme with Toitū Envirocare to reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions over time. In 2021, The Landing was certified Toitū carbonzero, meaning we emit net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve done this through growing our own carbon sink – over 35 hectares of regenerated native forest and wetlands, which currently absorbs more than three times as much carbon as our businesses emit in their operation. Read more about our efforts to play our part to address climate change in our 2023 Sustainability Report.


The Landing’s four beautiful Residences were designed by leading New Zealand architectural practice Cheshire Architects, who integrate sustainability principles into every project. Each Residence is sited to capture the natural warmth of the sun and cooling cross-breezes, and incorporates local timbers and field stone from the property. Wood-fire heating can be used in winter, and low-energy LED lights are used throughout each house. Guest care products, cleaning products and packaging are sustainably sourced wherever possible, and recycling is available in every Residence.


Over the last 20 years, The Landing has planted more than 1 million trees and plants in forests and wetlands across our property, all grown in our on-site nursery, which produces over 100,000 native seedlings a year. Aided by a predator control programme, this lush regenerated forest and wetland now attracts a rich native birdlife, including one of the densest kiwi populations in the country, rare ducks and shorebird species.

Winery & Tasting Room

At our state-of-the-art winery, we process all fruit from our vineyard on-site, minimising transportation use. Moreover, our winery gives us direct control over the management of our sustainability systems. Designed to make the most of the sun and natural ventilation, our winery building is a sustainable home for our boutique label. 


Our 33-acre vineyard is certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand and managed using their best practices for viticulture. We monitor and continuously look for ways to reduce our impacts in water, energy and fertiliser use. In addition we endeavour to preserve and improve air quality, soil quality and biodiversity. We invest in top-quality equipment for the longest possible lifespan, and reuse and recycle materials wherever we can.


Every year, The Landing takes part in projects to support the local community and wider region. For many years we have provided expertise, funding and maintenance for the landmark Rangihoua Heritage Park, which neighbours The Landing. Other projects have involved working with local schools on conservation and cultural projects. The Landing  supports the local wine-growing industry, and collaborates with the Britomart precinct in downtown Auckland to give away thousands of native trees in support of the Native Forest Restoration Trust each year.


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