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The New Boathouse Range

August 26 2020

A range inspired by The Landing’s much-loved water’s edge residence retreat, The Boathouse.

When the first Māori explorers arrived in the Bay of Islands centuries ago, the smooth white sands of Wairoa Bay offered a welcoming place to pull up their waka (canoes) and disembark.

Hundreds of years later, the earliest European settlers drew their boats into the same gentle harbour. They admired the spectacular blue-green water and lush, bush-clad hillsides.

Today, that entry point is marked by The Boathouse. This Residence is an elegant structure which was inspired by the colonial-era woolshed that once stood on the site. The Boathouse enjoys idyllic views out across the waters of the bay.

That’s why we choose “Boathouse” as the name for our range of wines that offers a delightful entry point into the collection produced by The Landing Wines.

An elegant Chardonnay with stone-fruit notes, a creamy petal-pink Rose and a juicy red Vino Rosso rich with berry and plum notes – the Boathouse wines are made for easy drinking with great food and company. Guests enjoy these wines at the long lunches and dinners we love hosting at The Boathouse.


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