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The Landing Suites at The Hotel Britomart

August 26 2020

With the opening of The Hotel Britomart drawing closer we thought we would take a look at the five suites that are named after bays at The Landing. There are three suites on the top floor of The Hotel Britomart. Two more suites are located in a glassy pavilion constructed on the roof of the adjacent century-old Buckland Building. Designed by Auckland’s Cheshire Architects, who are responsible for our four spectacular Residences and winery building, the luxurious suites capture the mood of the spacious, modern Pacific interiors of the Residences.

The generous suites each feature gracious living areas with plenty of room for entertaining or lounging. There are comfortable corners to curl up on bespoke furnishings with a book or magazine. Similarly in the bedrooms, the dreamily comfortable beds are the centrepiece. Expansive stone-lined bathrooms call to mind the natural textures of The Landing.

Artworks by Russ Flatt and Kieran Scott hang in The Landing Suites. These were a result of a special commission that involved the duo travelling to The Landing and capturing their separate perspectives on these memorable landscapes. Their photographs hang in interiors designed by Seattle’s Lucas Design Associates. Their work brings the rich textures and deep calm of The Landing Residences to Britomart. Three of The Landing Suites have generous terraces with outdoor fireplaces. In addition, all of them boast views that offer fresh perspectives on the harbour and the city.

Experience highly crafted and superbly comfortable interiors that allow you to sit back and enjoy the endless Waitemata Harbour vistas. Bookings for The Landing Suites are now open for stays from October 1, 2020.

For more information:

The Hotel Britomart

+64 9 300 9595

29 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland