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The Landing Vineyard wrap-up: Winter to Spring 2017

September 12 2017

As the seasons change, so do the tasks at hand at The Landing vineyard.
We asked viticulturist Andrew Hull to talk us through recent happenings at The Landing vineyard, as we look longingly toward summer!

Here at The Landing Vineyard, pruning grapevines is a task that takes us through winter and into early spring. Pruning of the Chardonnay vines was completed in mid-July and we progressed through pruning the other varieties to mid-August.

A mid-winter highlight was the Auckland/Northern region Young Viticulturist of the Year event held at Goldie Estate on Waiheke Island, on June 30. Seven contestants were assessed on activities which included pruning, timing of nutrient applications, assembling a section of vineyard trellis and a personal interview. Two of our vineyard team entered – Jake Dromgool was runner-up and Pietro Aloisi, who works at The Landing during harvest and pruning, performed very well. The event was won by a seasoned local.

Staff training has continued in First Aid and in the safe operation of machinery. We have spread fertiliser and lime on the vineyard and set up machinery for the new season. The Chardonnay shoots have started to emerge to start the growing season, these will be followed by the other varieties through September.