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The Landing: A special home for over 100 kiwi birds

September 12 2017

The Kiwi is a symbol of the uniqueness of New Zealand, and they are a cherished part of The Landing.

We spoke to Caleb Scott of The Landing’s nursery team, to find out more about the significance of such a large kiwi population at The Landing.

New Zealand has about 68,000 kiwi; the bird is considered a significant national icon, equally cherished by all cultures in New Zealand. Here at The Landing there is an estimated kiwi population of over 100 – something to be respected, considering that the country loses 2% of its unmanaged kiwi every year.

The Landing’s nursery team, managed by Caleb Scott, grow native plants and trees that are replanted around The Landing. With over 1.3 million native plants planted to date, this regeneration of the land has created a sanctuary for different native bird species and is especially attractive to the kiwi, who like to hide in amongst those plants.

“We don’t plant anything special for the kiwi, but they love being covered and in darker locations, so the re-vegetation planting we do at The Landing provides a great habitat for them” explains Caleb. “To protect our kiwi and make sure they are safe, we have integrated pest management over the entire property.”

The kiwi are very special to The Landing and one of the highlights for any guest is being taken on a guided, late-night kiwi-spotting walk around the property. The kiwi have come to trust that they are safe at The Landing, so can often be found out and about, foraging for food in their very unique and quite noisy way!

The Landing will continue to cherish and nurture the kiwi population, ensuring they are part of The Landing’s story for generations to come.