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News from The Landing

November 27 2016

2016 Rosé

Made from 100% Syrah grapes, the latest release from The Landing Wines is a beautifully crafted summer drop, light salmon in colour and with fresh yet delicate fruit flavours. Enjoy it lightly chilled, paired with summer salads, seafood or pasta. Available from selected outlets or through our website here.

The Vineyard: A wrap-up of the year in vineyard news

Resident viticulturalist Andrew Hull talks us through what’s been happening at The Landing’s vineyard.

A wet August and September was followed by a relatively dry October which has resulted in good early season growth.

In July we completed the second planting of Pinot Gris grapevines at The Landing which are now into their first growing season with approximately 30 centimetres of growth accomplished.  We work on these 800 vines fortnightly to support their early growth.

All our grapevines are growing strongly and receiving intensive attention to keep them healthy and actively growing.  We have selectively removed by hand from 7,600 grapevines the larger leaves to open up the grapevines to sunlight and air to promote the healthy growth of the grapevines and their fruit.

We are installing more fencing wire in some rows in preparation for securing netting that needs to be applied to prevent birds damaging fruit any time from mid-December onwards.