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Bees at The Landing

November 25 2016

In September this year, The Landing welcomed 240,000 tiny new residents when 12 beehives were delivered. We decided to find out a bit more…

Why keep bees?

Honeybees pollinate around 30% of the world’s food crops and 90% of its wild plants. The phenomenon of colony collapse disorder is a major threat to the world’s bee population. As well as producing honey, bees provide a fascinating (and surprisingly calming) presence.

How many hives are at The Landing?

There are twelve hives and each hive typically contains 20,000 – 60,000 bees. There will be one queen bee in each hive who produces around 1500 eggs per day.

What kind of bees are The Landing’s bees?

The world holds seven different honeybee species, and these one are of the yellow Italian strain. These bees originate from the continental part of Italy, south of the Alps and north of Sicily, and are believed to have survived the last Ice Age.

Characteristics of this type of bee include that they are gentle, hardworking and very clean – good housekeepers (or, hive-keepers).

We look forward to checking up on their progress and tasting the rewards of all their hard work!