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Sustainability Report 2020

June 05 2020

The Landing is an uncommon place, but we want one experience to be common to all those who spend time here – a sense of being welcomed onto land treated with the highest respect for its unique flora and fauna, as well as the shared history of the Māori and Pakeha people who made their home here in the past, and whose descendants remain in the region today.

Rigorous sustainable practices have been central to retaining this sense of respect and careful preservation of The Landing’s unique qualities and community throughout its 20-year development.

We are proud of the sustainability practices that are already embedded in The Landing’s operations, but recognise that few of them are yet formalised within a written sustainability framework that can be used to guide our future endeavours. In this, our first Sustainability Report, we set out the scope of our current sustainability practices, identify areas of practice for formalisation and improvement, and set ourselves measurable targets for the coming 12 months.