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Our People – Laura Moreno

April 12 2019

With an intensive focus on superb guest experiences and a love of the land here, Laura Moreno is the ideal Guest Services Manager.

“There’s a serenity here that’s quite engulfing. When the guests arrive, you can almost feel them exhale.”

Those are the words of our wonderful Guest Services Manager at The Landing, Laura Moreno. Laura is one of the first people that you’ll meet when you arrive, and part of the reason you can let out a big breath and truly relax is that Laura is someone who knows how to take care of people very well.

She joined us in 2017, and since then has played a huge part in creating wonderful experiences for everyone who stays here, including over this very busy recent summer. In this video, she takes us on a tour of The Landing to talk about some of the places, personalities and unique aspects that make it so special for her.