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The Landing’s People: Brett Michalick

December 13 2018

Meet the man who’ll make your stay at The Landing full of adventure

Brett Michalick is The Landing’s go-to guy. He will be the skipper of our boat Iti Rangi, take you on a tour of our magnificent property and talk you through the history of The Landing. We talked to him about what he does and shot a beautiful video about what makes The Landing such a special place to visit.

What is your role at The Landing?
Skipper at The Landing 

How long have you been at The Landing?
This will be my fourth summer.

What was your working background before The Landing?
I was a luxury yacht industry/charter boat operator, with 20 years’ experience in the marine industry.

What do you enjoy most about working at The Landing?
The diverse range of people, backgrounds and industries that I get to interact with. Coming from a purely marine background, it’s nice mixing with different industries, like the wine industry, which was an interesting crossover. Also, the beauty of working on the pristine canvas that is the Bay of Islands.