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Summer at The Landing; Behind the Scenes

March 03 2017

Summer at The Landing is a busy time and while the water sparkles and the sun shines, our teams are working hard to ensure the property continues to thrive. As a thousand-acre heritage and conservation site that holds a vineyard, wetlands, a million native plants and four luxury Residences… there is never a shortage of things to do!

Some work happens seasonally and other tasks are carried out year round. From watering trees to maintaining chicken houses and much more …a lot goes in to making sure The Landing’s heart keeps beating.

A selection of images showing some of what happens behind the scenes at The Landing over summer:

The staff dead-heading the gardenia flowers at the Cooper Residence.

Ruby and Michaela repairing a hole in the bird netting at the vineyard.

Roman watering the newly planted deciduous trees.

The Pohutukawa trees in flower.

Installation of the bird netting going over the grapes.

Leigh planting flowers at the farmhouse.

Troy fencing off the access way to the chicken house nest-boxes.

Ashley doing maintenance on the pond.

Watering the young vines.