The Landing offers a rare opportunity to own some of the most stunning coastal land in the world and to connect with the spirit, history and culture of a remarkable country. A small number of superb home sites are available for sale, each one positioned to ensure magnificent views and maximum privacy.

As a luxury lifestyle development, The Landing is truly unique. Owners have access to the entire property, including native bush reserves, wetlands and beaches. Over 350 acres of heritage and ecological reserves are protected by covenants, ensuring their safekeeping for future generations. The property’s major infrastructure is in place, including roads, paths and recreational areas. The Landing team can assist owners with all aspects of planning and building their homes, providing project management services and access to leading New Zealand architects.

The Landing’s attentive hospitality team can prepare homes for owner arrival, handling all leisure arrangements, housekeeping and catering during their stay. Our people are people who love this land and are proud to share it, and they will care for your property as if it was their own. Our team can also lease and manage the property in the absence of owners, as part of The Landing Residences luxury accommodation programme, should this service be required.

For more information, please contact:

Jeremy Priddy
+64 21 419773


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