The last vineyard wrap-up of 2017, and plans for next year

December 21 2017

The Landing’s vineyard is a hive of activity year-round and it’s always interesting to hear about the projects that have been worked on, and what lies ahead.

A very wet winter and early spring maintained saturated soil conditions until late September.  The soils have now warmed to grow the grapevines rapidly – vine shoots are growing strong, keeping the team busy with constant thinning and positioning of shoots and moving trellis wires to keep the vines in good shape.

Most of our varieties were flowering by mid-November- the Chardonnay has the first of the fruit set and is developing towards maturity for harvest in 2018.


Canopy management will continue throughout summer with some leaves removed from each grapevine to ensure that the sunlight and wind keep the vines dry and the fruit ripening.

Later in November we will lift the trellis wires to the highest point on the posts and trim the grapevine shoots to prevent them from breaking or shading adjacent rows.

Application of bird netting to the vine rows will start from early January to prevent the birds from eating the fruit.