The Landing Stuart Shaw Memorial Fishing Competition

September 12 2017

A special memorial fishing competition at The Landing.

August at The Landing saw the beginning of a new tradition. A fishing competition was held for staff, and the event was dedicated to the memory of Stuart Shaw, whose sister Kirsty has worked at The Landing as Administration Manager for 15 years.

Stuart was considered part of The Landing family, through Kirsty but also through his own landscaping talents – his relationship with the property spanned ten years. Stuart’s own landscaping handiwork can be seen across The Landing today, living on as a reminder of him.

Stuart passed away last July from bowel cancer and to honour him, the competition will become an annual event. The only rule was “no boats”: fish had to be caught with rods from a spot on the property.

The weather was fine and a great (yet competitive!) time was had by all, with the hospitality Team’s Conrad King taking out first place with the 16.5lb snapper he caught off the rocks at Poraenui Point!

Second place went to turf technician Dane Hawker and third to vineyard team member Pietro Aloisi.

A big thank you goes to Troy Thompson, The Landing’s landscaping carpenter who created the trophy for the winner. On one side of the trophy is a rollock, found buried in the ground by Landscape Project Manager Ashley Paterson when constructing a walking track. The other side has an old wooden hand reel found by Troy, washed up next to The Landing’s jetty.

Sharon Greig ( guest service assistant) summed up the day nicely by saying “Conrad’s winning speech was very touching. He thanked the staff for their genuine welcoming reception of him, and expressed tautoko (support and respect) to Kirsty for the loss of her brother Stu, who passed away on Conrad’s birthday in 2016. Conrad is now in charge of organising the 2018 fishing event which he is looking forward to.  It was a great afternoon for all involved, so big thanks to Tim, PJ, Sarah and Peter.”

We’ve compiled a collection of photos that show a little of what went on that day – we think Stuart would have been very proud.

Click on any photo to view the gallery in full-size.